Yellow Man Speaks of Virus

【摘要】三峡老船长,原名徐建纲。湖北三峡大学外国语学院,英美文学教授,硕士导师。2013年出版诗集一部,《一首老歌——徐建纲的诗》。被《中国诗》杂志及中国网络诗歌学会评为2013年度中国诗星。2015年5月出版第二部诗集《悲歌欢唱-徐建纲的诗》。2017年出版第三部诗集《老船长咏叹调》。 . . .

By old captain

  My skin is brown
  My eyes black
  but, I am not virus
  My man
  My river is yellow
  My land is yellow
  But, I am not virus
  My man
  My blood is as red as yours
  My eyes as clear as yours
  But  I am not virus
  My man
  I am suffering from the loss as your suffering 
  I am crying as you crying for the passing away for the dearest families
  But, I am not virus
  My man
  I am in fear as you are before the death
  My heart is broken as yours
  But , I am not virus
  My man.
  You have your magnificent culture like Greek or Roman
  I have my history as long as the Yellow River
  But I am not virus
  My man
  We are brothers and sisters in this world 
  We are in the same arc
  But we are not virus, and none of us is virus
  Oh, my man.
  I wish we could stand together 
  Shoulder by shoulder, hand in hand
  Do I wish we are like brothers and sisters
  To fight against the virus with courage
  Until we win 
  And finally for sure we will win
  No matter from which part of the earth we are
  Stay strong, stay strong , stay strong
  Oh , my man!

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