The 5th Neo-Inspirationalist Global Poetry Competition·Contributions Wanted

【摘要】  I Heard the Rain of Time . . .

The 5th Neo-Inspirationalist Global Poetry Competition·Contributions Wanted
In 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, the Macao Association of Comparative Literature, based on the website of the “Neo-spiritualist City of Poetry” (, held the first, second, third and fourth global modern poetry competition, respectively. These four modern poetry competitions attracted many outstanding poets to participate, each received thousands of works at home and abroad, received good responses from poets, and achieved complete success.
The Macao Association of Comparative Literature plans to hold the 5th “Xianxian Pu'er Cup” Neo-spiritualist global poetry competition in 2023, sponsored by the Xianxian Pu'er Tea Health Research Center in Hengqin, Zhuhai. The title of the competition is “I Heard the Rain of Time”, referring to a collection of poems, I Heard the Rain of Time (Jinan University Press, 2022). The contributions should be modern poems of up to 40 lines, original and unpublished. Those who fail to comply with the regulations will be declared invalid. Plagiarism, modification, washing draft (including artificial intelligence washing draft) will be announced on line, and the institutions or companies for which the contributors work will be notified.
The seven judges of the competition are all the authors of The Selected poems of the Seven Swordsmen and members of the Neo-spiritualist Poetry School, including Gong Gang, professor of Chinese at the University of Macao, winner of the “Ten Best Chinese poets”(2021, Beijing); Yang Weidong, senior teacher at Yiling High School, Hubei, member of the Hubei Provincial Writers’ Association; Li Lei, Dean and Professor of the School of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade, Guangzhou University of Science and Technology; Zhang Manjun, vice-president of the Yangjiang Institute of Surveying and mapping; Zhang Xiaoping, professor of Yangzhou University, member of the Chinese Writers’ Association; Xue Wu, Ph.D of Yangzhou University and Zhu Kunling, Ph.D of Sun Yat-sen University.
The solicitation time of the 5th Neo-Inspirationalist Global Poetry Competition is from 5th April to 5th June, 2023 (The deadline is extended from 1st May to 5th June due to the high demand for submissions). The results will be announced on 5th August, and an award ceremony will be held at a selected time.
The awards are as follows: 
1 grand prize, 10,000 Macao dollars; 
3 first prizes, 2,000 Macao dollars each; 
5 second prizes, 1,000 Macao dollars each; 
10 third prizes, 500 Macao dollars each.
The winning works and some of the shortlisted works will be published in Southern Literature and Art and the website of the Neo-Inspirationlist Poetry City.
Please send your poems to with your real name and contact details. The format of your email is as follows: the author's real name+the Fifth Neo-Inspirationlist Poetry Competition, such as: Chen Daming+the Fifth Neo-Inspirationlist Poetry Competition.
Welcome the poets all over the world to contribute your poems. All the poems will be received and anonymously numbered by the webmaster. Anonymous reviews will be conducted throughout. Please feel free to contribute.

All winners will receive a copy of A-Cross Poetry (to be sent by airmail) . The winning entries and some of the shortlisted entries will also be published in the A-Cross Poetry.
Organized by the Macao Association of Comparative Literature
Co-organized by the Macao Association for the promotion of Chinese culture
A-Cross Poetry
Sponsored by the Zhuhai Hengqin Xianxian Pu'er Tea Health Research Center
Organizing Committee of the 5th Neo-Inspirationlist Global Poetry Competition
26th March, 2023

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